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Imagine your most successful self. Now let's make it a reality with personalized productivity, communication, and decision-making tools that evolve as you do.

Fastest Roadmap To Reach Your Goals

Stuck without a fancy degree? Use AI Search to plan a roadmap with minimum no of activities.
Practice each activity with our unique Visual, Active, and Atomic approach to goal-based learning.

AgendaAction itemProject deliverablesBusiness modelKPI
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Who is your target customerWhat is your projected burn rate
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Crafting business planCompetitive market analysis
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Six leadership stylesCritical path methodTipping point theory
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Idea to MVPElevator pitchTerm sheet template
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Build Authority with Corporate Lingo

How does one establish authority in a meeting? They use professional phrases like KPI, actions items, best practices, etc at right time in right context.

Interview Prep with AI

Practice with different levels of experience. Extract keywords from the answer and add to your lingo practice.

Tell me about yourself.
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Quickstart with Doodles

Master essential wordlist for English proficiency tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GRE, or GMAT, with interactive animations.

Build Confidence By Getting Things Done

Nothing builds confidence more than getting things done. Use our productivity templates to do today what you plan to do 5 years from now.

Get Results with Activities

Learn by doing rather than watching videos. Use ai-powered templates to build a side project from scratch. Get an overview of entire project by undestanding the workflow.

Introduce Yourself in a Sentence
I am ___, a ___ specializing in ___, known for ___, and driven by ___.
**Fill in the fields. Save your pitch. Get AI feedback. 📋
Insights for Decision Making

AI can generate ideas to strategy, but you have to make the decision. Use our intro to mental models, and frameworks to make informed decisions and nurture growth mindset.

I got lucky this time.
I'm leading the tech project at our university but, I feel like I'm a fraud.
What makes you say that, Rajiv?
Learn Only What You Need
To Be Anything

At Doodlingo, each activity is designed to enhance multiple skills together. You use creativity to learn new words and practice them in technical and business contexts. Moreover, each of your activity is always aimed towards your goals, saving you huge time, effort and money.

You Evolve We Evolve

The best way to use Doodlingo is to go to Menu, write down your goals, and create a roadmap. As you interact more with the app, it will evolve with you. It is like having a second brain which gives you clarity about what exactly you need to do next.

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A complete framework to break free from the fixed mindset by getting things done. Join now and adopt growth mindset.

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