First visit

Interview Question:

Why are you considering leaving your current job?

How To Approach:

  • Start with positive aspects of your current job
  • Mention reason for leaving in constructive terms
  • Show alignment between goals and the new opportunity
  • Discuss growth and learning prospects in the new role
  • Stay professional and avoid negativity about current employer

Sample Response

I'm proud to have worked at TechAid Solutions for the past three years, where I've had the opportunity to grow as a software developer, work with amazing colleagues, and contribute to significant projects.

However, I'm looking for new opportunities that allow me to explore advanced technologies and project management roles, specifically in the realm of AI-powered applications, which is a growing interest of mine. I've realized that my current position doesn't offer extensive opportunities in this aspect, which is one of the main reasons I decided to look for another job.

When I came across the job posting for your company, I realized the role aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. It offers the chance to work with technologies like Machine Learning and AI, and allows a transition into managerial roles, which I believe would provide me the growth and opportunities to enhance my skill set.

While I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had at TechAid Solutions, I feel that the potential role at your company would be a better fit for my long-term career goals. I am excited about the prospect of bringing my unique strengths to your team while also growing and branching out into areas that will broaden my experience.

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