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Interview Question:

What motivates you and why?

How To Approach:

  • Identify the source of motivation
  • Explain reason behind this motivation
  • Connect motivation to the specific job or organization
  • Highlight personal and professional growth from this motivation
  • Showcase a real-life instance where this motivation played a key role

Sample Response

I am primarily motivated by the opportunity to solve complex problems and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming challenges. I find it incredibly rewarding to be faced with a demanding situation or project and navigated my way to a successful resolution, particularly when it results in tangible benefits for an organization.

As a Software Developer, for example, I regularly find myself facing complex tasks or bugs that require meticulous analysis and creative use of coding techniques. The feeling of deciphering the problem and then designing an innovative and effective solution is what drives me to consistently deliver top-quality work. Furthermore, being a part of a larger team, it's always rewarding to contribute positively to the team's success, and that is a huge motivational factor for me.

At my previous job at Innovative Tech Solutions, I was tasked with overhauling a dated system that was causing significant operational inefficiencies. Through careful analysis, innovative thinking, and collective team effort, I managed to design and implement a new, more efficient system. The successful deployment of this system and the immediate positive impact it had on the company’s operations was not only profoundly satisfying but also affirmed my passionate pursuit for problem-solving.

By continually sharpening my problem-solving skills, I grow on both a professional and personal level. And it’s this pursuit of growth and improvement that keeps me consistently motivated and enthusiastic about my career.

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