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Interview Question:

What are your salary expectations for this position?

How To Approach:

  • Prepare market research on similar positions
  • Consider job responsibility and requirements
  • Include previous salary and growth rate
  • Align expectations with career progression
  • Factor in company benefits and policies
  • Offer a range instead of a specific number
  • Be flexible and open to discussion

Sample Response

Based on the responsibilities and job description of this position, as well as my years of experience in the industry, I've conducted some market research and found that a salary range of $75,000 to $85,000 seems industry-appropriate and aligns with my expectations.

In my previous role at Techstep Inc., I had a similar position but with fewer responsibilities. My salary there, combined with my steady yearly growth rate and expanded role here, has led me to this range estimate.

However, I also understand that compensation is not only about salary. Hence, factors such as growth opportunities, job satisfaction, work-life balance, the company's benefits policy, and overall career trajectory are also important to me.

So, while I believe this range is in line with the market and my career expectations, I'm flexible and open to discussions about the overall compensation package.

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