First visit

Interview Question:

Can you describe a time when you disagreed with your supervisor? How did you handle it?

How To Approach:

  • Describe the situation in context
  • Explain reasons for disagreement
  • Mention your strategy to address the disagreement
  • Discuss how you communicated your viewpoint
  • Explain outcome and resolution of situation
  • Reflect on learnings from the experience

Sample Response

During my time at a health-tech startup MediTrack, there was one instance where I had a disagreement with my supervisor about the implementation of a new feature in our mobile application. While my supervisor wanted to rush the feature out to capitalize on a recent market trend, I felt that was a trade-off with quality.

I prepared a detailed list of potential risks associated with hasty implementation–bugs, negative user feedback, damage to the brand reputation – framing it in terms of how it could affect our long-term goals. I also proposed an alternative solution that involved a slightly longer development timeline but ensured better quality and functionality.

In our meeting, I effectively communicated my concerns and suggestions without coming across as confrontational. I also highlighted our shared goal of delivering an exceptional product to our users.

In the end, my supervisor agreed to revise the timeline. We rolled out the feature slightly later than initially planned, but the strong positive feedback we received from our users affirmed that it was the right decision. This experience taught me the importance of clear, respectful communication, even in disagreement, and remaining committed to product quality above all.

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