First visit

Make a Self-Introduction

When to Use:

  • In new professional settings, like meetings or conferences.
  • During interviews or when joining a new team.
  • On the first day of a class or course.

Why This Activity Is Needed:

  • Establishes your professional identity and background.
  • Helps build initial rapport with colleagues or classmates.
  • Sets the stage for future interactions and collaborations.

How to Do It Well:

  • Highlight your current role or professional focus.
  • Mention relevant experiences or achievements.
  • Share briefly about your interests or aspirations, linking them to the context.

Sample Response:

Hello everyone, I’m Jordan. I’ve recently joined the team as a project manager, bringing over five years of experience in tech startups where I focused on developing user-friendly mobile applications. My journey has been about turning complex problems into simple, elegant solutions, and I’m excited to bring this passion to our projects here. Beyond the office, I’m an avid hiker, always looking for new trails to explore. It’s this love for exploration and challenge that drives my approach to both work and life. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all and making a positive impact together. What’s a project you’re currently excited about?

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