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Explain Your Job to a Child

When to Use:

  • To clarify your own understanding of your job.
  • To connect with people outside your professional circle.
  • In informal settings to inspire or inform others.

Why This Activity Is Needed:

  • Simplifies complex concepts.
  • Improves communication with diverse audiences.
  • Builds connections across different fields.

How to Do It Well:

  • Use basic, relatable terms.
  • Employ analogies connected to a child’s world.
  • Encourage and answer questions.

Sample Response:

Let's say you love playing with toy cars, racing them, and imagining big competitions. What I do is kind of like being the person who designs those toy cars. But instead of toys, I work on designing websites. Imagine if your toy car could tell you all about its adventures, where it’s been, and even teach you games. That's what I try to do with websites. I make sure they can give you information, help you learn new things, and sometimes, just let you have fun. Just like how your toy car needs to be designed to go fast or do cool tricks, I design websites to make sure they can do all the things you want them to do.

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