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Email: Feedback Request for Non-Progression

Requesting feedback after not advancing in various professional scenarios is key to development. This guide helps in seeking constructive feedback to enhance future efforts.

When to Use This Email

  • After a job application rejection.
  • Not being selected for a promotion or a project.
  • Following unsuccessful sales pitches.
  • After partnership proposals do not materialize.

Why We Need This Email

  • To request constructive feedback for learning.
  • To demonstrate willingness to improve.
  • To keep future opportunities open and maintain positive relationships.

How to Write a Good Feedback Request Email for Non-Progression

  1. Subject Line: Clear and direct - “Feedback Request - [Position/Situation] Application.”
  2. Greeting: Professional salutation.
  3. Express Gratitude: Thank for the opportunity and consideration.
  4. State the Purpose: Clearly mention seeking feedback for areas of improvement.
  5. Be Professional and Positive: Keep a positive tone throughout.
  6. Close Politely: Thank for their time and insights, expressing hope for future engagements.
  7. Signature: Include name, position (if relevant), and contact details.

A well-crafted request for feedback post-non-progression showcases commitment to growth and professionalism, fostering positive relationships for future opportunities.

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