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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notice

An AGM notice is essential for both companies and their shareholders. It informs shareholders about the upcoming annual meeting, fulfilling legal obligations and ensuring they can participate fully in key decisions.

Why an AGM Notice Is Vital:

  • Legal requirement.
  • Engages shareholders.
  • Supports decision-making.

AGM Notice Timing:

  • Sent in advance.
  • Gives time to prepare.

Key Elements of an Effective AGM Notice:

  • Clear Details: Date, time, location, and online access.
  • Agenda Clarity:
  • List topics: finances, elections, strategies.
  • Participation Instructions:
  • Attending options.
  • Proxy voting.
  • Access to Documents:
  • Where to find reports and statements.
  • Inquiry Contact:
  • Corporate secretary’s contact for questions.

Crafting Tips:

  • Simplicity: Straightforward language.
  • Completeness: All essential info included.
  • Guidance: Examples for clarity.
  • Customization: Space for company-specific details.


A clear AGM notice ensures shareholders are well-informed and ready to participate, fulfilling legal obligations and promoting transparency.

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